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Is it dangerous to put tires with the most tread on the front wheels? AJ Foreign Auto?    The Article Two new tires should be mounted on the rear A pdf  copy of a study done by Jeffry Smith, Jennifer Cowley and Michael Wogalter The article in pdf. Tire Placement – Expert Article on Placement of New Tires In this article, automotive engineer and tire expert, Richard Sherman addresses the often disputed topic of tire placement.  The Article Should you fit new tyres to the front or rear? Kumho tire news The Article Dealers debate details of tire rotation Mr. Detore is editor of Tire Business The Article Winter Tires: Business Up Front or Party in the Back? . On which end of the car do you install the better rubber? The Article CONVENTIONAL ROTATION:   The vehicle has 4 new tires which are rotated front to back every 6000km.   On a front wheel drive vehicle having 60% of its weight on the front and 40% weight on the rear each rotation adds 10% mor

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The first one out made by Michelin  Deeper tread tires on the rear axle provide better handling, wet grip, and evacuate water, thereby helping to avoid accidents     The Video From the Weather Chanel  Paul Goodloe proving the tires with the most traction should be on the rear of the vehicle    The Video By Simone Simano  showing a car can be safer with the best tires mounted on the rear    The Video Vicki Butler-Henderson Explains Why New Tyres Should Go on the Rear   The Video   Pep Boys

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  By design directional tires on a drive axle displace water, snow and loose material to the center of the tread. When slippage occurs the treads then divert material to the side allowing more traction. Under braking material is channeled faster into the center of the tread. On a trailing or non-driven axle putting the tires on in a reverse direction will add to stability and increase the braking capabilities as any water , snow or loose material in continuously diverted to the  outside of the tread. And from farmers  the experts on directional tires     If you ever drove a farm tractor you'd understand. Some tires have a "directional" tread -- effectively >>>>> or <<<<<<. Now, you might expect that a tread of <<<<< would have better traction if you were attempting to pull it to the right (and it were resisting the pull by trying to go left), but that's not the case. The <<<<< tread will "load up"

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Single vehicle accidents were tire placement where determined to be the contributing  factor  © Feldman Shepherd Wohlgelernter Tanner Weinstock Dodig LLP The Missing Piece The cause of a catastrophic injury just didn’t sit well with Howard. So he came to us. When we first met Howard, he was at the end of his rope. Several months earlier, Howard’s 23-year-old daughter suffered catastrophic injuries when, on a rainy day, her Chevy Cavalier had suddenly turned left across a highway median and was violently struck by an oncoming pickup truck. Howard’s daughter was ejected from the vehicle. Howard knew his daughter was a careful driver, and he refused to believe that she had voluntarily made this incomprehensible turn into oncoming traffic for no reason. Determined to learn whether something had caused his daughter to lose control of her car, he approached a prominent law firm, which turned the case down. He met with lawyers at a second firm, and then a third and a fourth.

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Facebook Where cars that are 30% lighter on the back than the front are more likely to be involved in loss of control accidents Man hospitalized after rollover crash in Centre County WJAC Johnstown- Mar 6, 2017 Police say Matthew Carr of Dalton was driving a 2004 Buick Lesabre when he lost control of the car on I-99 just before 1 a.m. and went roughly ... 2004 Buick Lesabre weight ratio    Front 62% Rear 38% Men killed in Santa Cruz triple fatal wreck ID'd as Salvadoran cousins Santa Cruz Sentinel- Mar 6, 2017 Alex Lopez, 19, was behind the wheel of a 2000 Buick Regal when he lost control of the car and swerved over the double yellow lines and into  2000 Buick Regal                      Front 63% Rear 37%    Man, baby die in Bridgewater crash Staunton News Leader- Mar 22, 2017 ... block of Spring Creek Road shortly before noon when the driver, 33-year-old Richard L. Bennett, of Bridgewater, lost control of a 2003 Buick , ...

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Comparison of different weight ratio cars by comparing vehicles that are 10% to 30% lighter on the rear than the front  The  figures       come from An Analysis of Traffic Deaths By Vehicle Type and Model. Available from ACEEE publications.   And from An Accident Analysis and Prevention The effects of vehicle model and driver behaviour on risk available from Elsevier publications .

Accident rates and vehicle weight ratio's

       Graphing accident rates and vehicle weight ratio's where cars vary from 10% lighter on the rear to cars that are 30% lighter on the rear The figures come from An Analysis of Traffic Deaths By Vehicle Type and Model. Available from ACEEE publications.    and from An Accident Analysis and Prevention The effects of vehicle model and driver behaviour on risk available from Elsevier publications .